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DuBois CV dubois_cv

China’s Religion Law: 2005 vs. 2016 chinas_religion_law_2005_vs-_2016

(2011) Religion and the Making of Modern East Asia (book intro) 2011_religion_and_the_making_of_modern

(2005) The sacred village : social change and religious life in rural north China (full text!)  2005_the_sacred_village_social_change_a

(2016) Chinese Agriculture and Rural Development Reexamined: Western and Chinese Perspectives 2016_chinese_agriculture_and_rural_deve

(2014) Opiate of the Masses with Chinese Characteristics: Recent Chinese Scholarship on the Meaning and Future of Religion (book introduction) 2014_opiate_of_the_masses_with_chinese

(2011) Popular Religion and Shamanism (book introduction)

(2009) “The Transformation of Religion in East and Southeast Asia—Paradigmatic Change in Regional Perspective.” Introduction to Casting Faiths: Imperialism and the Transformation of Religion in East and Southeast Asia (introduction)


(2015) Local Religion and Festivals, in Modern Chinese Religion II: 1850 – 2015 (Brill) 2015_local_religion_and_festivals_in_mo

(2015) Before the NGO: Chinese Charities in Historical Perspective 2015_before_the_ngo_chinese_charities_i

(2014) Public Health and Private Charity in Northeast China, 1905–1945 2014_public_health_and_private_charity

(2011) 思想之帝国-满洲民俗学与亚洲社会科学的长期变迁

(2011) The Salvation of Religion? Public Charity and the New Religions of the Early Republic 2011_the_salvation_of_religion_public_c

(2010) Inauthentic Sovereignty: Law and Legal Institutions in Manchukuo 2010_inauthentic_sovereignty_law_and_le

(2010) “满洲国”的孝子 —— 国家、宗教以及守墓行为的适应性变化

(2010) Religion and the Chinese state: three crises and a solution

(2008) Manchukuo’s filial sons: States, sects and the transformation of graveside piety 2008_manchukuo_s_filial_sons_states_sec

(2006) Local Religion and the Imperial Imaginary: The Development of Japanese Ethnography in Occupied Manchuria

(2008) Rule of Law in a Brave New Empire: Legal Rhetoric and Practice in Manchukuo 2008_rule_of_law_in_a_brave_new_empire

(2005) Hegemony, Imperialism and the Construction of Religion in East and Southeast Asia 2005_hegemony_imperialism_and_the_const

(2004) Village Community and the Reconstruction of Religious Life In Rural North China

神灵、教派、香头: 地方文化中的宗教知识


China’s Religion Law and the Perils of Counting Consciousness (Chinoiserie)

How will China regulate religion? (East Asia Forum)

Opiate of the masses with Chinese characteristics (SSRC Immanent Frame)

Asia and the Old World Order (History Today) asia_and_the_old_world_order_history_tod